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Habesha dress evening bag

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  • ⭐ ምርጥ ልዩ የሃበሻ ቦርሳ፤ ከእንግዲህ ለሃበሻ ልብስዎ መቸገር ቀረ! የጥለት ቦርሳ ጥራቱን ከጠበቀ ምርጥ PU ቆዳ የተሰራ ፤ ባለ ወርቃማ ብረት ማንገቻ በባዶም ይሁን በማንገቻ የሚደረግ ፤ ለማንኛውም የሃበሻ ቀሚስ ማላበሻ የሚሆን እንዲሁም ከየትኛውም የእራት ቀሚስ ጋር የሚለበስ፤ ለሰርግ፤ ለምርቃት ለራት ግብዣ ዝንጥ ማለት ሲፈልጉ የሚይዙት

  • ሳይዝ፡ 27.5 በ 17 በ4 ሴሚ በውስጡ የሚይዘው ፡ ትልቅ ስልክ አይፎን 7 ሳምስንግ ኖት 5 ፤ ሊፕስቲክ፤ ካሽ ካርድ ዋሌት እና ሌላም ትንንሽ ነገሮች ቁልፍን ጨምሮ ውሃ የማያስገባ በኳሊቲው የሚተማመኑበት ምርጥ ቦርሳ፤ ለስጦታ ቢገዙት ወዳጅዎን ድስ ያሰኛሉ!

  • A beautiful African ethnic print evening bag For all your cultural events and effects for your special occasions to add ethnic effect. Material : Made of high quality PU leather with a red, black and golden colors. Easy to style and match your shoes, dress , culture dress , evening dress, nail polish etc. Product Description

  • Dimensions : 27.5*17*4 CM FEAUTURES : Two chain strap , clutch by hand or crossbody bag CAPACITY: Large storage of your phone (Fit iPhone 7 plus, Samsung note 5), lipstick, cash and credit cards with other small items Unique design and perfect for all ages in special events like night out, date, cocktail party , family reunion, weddings , prom , banquets and so on.

  • Habesha dress evening bag

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